Does it really matter when and in what order we should apply our skin care products?

Why Sequence Matters?

Applying our skin care products in the proper order ensures that our skin receives the full benefits of each product.

Aside from the order of application, it’s also important to consider the time it takes for our skin to absorb the products.

I should note that I have combination skin, so my skin tends to be a little shiny during the day but dries out really easily. These are a combination of products for dry skin, oily skin. You should use products that work well for your skin type and your skin sensitivities; these are just the products that are working for me.

The Correct Order

So which product goes on top of what? An easy rule of thumb to follow is to apply the products with the thinnest consistency to thickest, or from liquid to oil.

  • Cleanser:

    Start by removing dirt and oil buildup with your cleanser.
    Termed the best cleanser for oily and combination skin, this is one cleanser that surely makes a difference to your skin, for all to see.


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  • Toner:

    Toners remove deeper-embedded dirt and residues left behind by your cleanser. They’re also full of potent vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals that refresh and awaken your skin.


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  • Moisturizer OR Day Cream:

    Neutrogena oil free moisturization gives the right moisturization in the right area to give you healthy and radiant skin.


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  • Suncreen:

    The cream gets instantly absorbed into your skin leaving it soft and smooth. The oil free formula is great and would not feel heavy on your kin.


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I would love to hear about your experience with the products or what products have been keeping your skin happy and beautiful!




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