Yes, I am skinny. I too wish to get inked about what I like and what I am. But there are certain things that I should be knowing before getting inked.

The first thing I need to understand is that a tattoo is a lifelong commitment.  There are ways to remove a tattoo, but most of them are painful. Some tattoos may look great when I am in 20’s, But how is it going to look when I grow old?  I should probably think long and hard about what design I want. I should be 100% sure that I am happy with the design, before making the commitment.  I can personalize my tattoo anyway I want.  I should definitely choose a licensed tattoo artist.

To begin with my first tattoo, I would go for a small tattoo design which is meaningful and explains about my personality or interest.

I am new to tattooing, there’s no shame in starting small. I give myself a chance to learn the process, how my skin takes ink, and how my body heals. On my first tattoo it’s more than fine to respect my body’s limits. I would not choose sensitive places like ribs, backs of knees, elbows etc.

I would rather not get inked on the cheap price. I am altering my body for life, if it’s not worth a decent investment, then what it is. It’s my body, so I shouldn’t be afraid to ask what’s happening, when anything out of my knowledge is being applied on my skin.

Tattoos which I would choose to get inked on:

A semi –colon which indicates that I may have stopped, but I choose to continue on.

A Viking symbol which indicates that I create my own reality.

A swallow bird which indicates hope, loyalty and new love.

A lock and Key which indicates locked passion/secret and have a key to my heart/soul/mind.

An infinity symbol which indicates limitless love towards someone special.

Thank you guys for reading.



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